Become a Vendor

At Wingra Direct we believe in testing the products we sell. The first step in becoming one of our suppliers is to contact us and send us a sample of your product. If your product meets our quality requirements, your product will be considered for one of our websites.

Unlike many online retailers, we do stock the products we carry. Our warehouse is located in Madison, WI. By keeping everything in our warehouse, we can provide the best service to our customers. We do purchase in case lots and will not ask you to send products to our customers (that is our job and we take pride in it).

We are easy to work with. Some vendors supply us with hundreds of products while some supply us with just one. Your company will be evaluated based on the quality of the products and service you provide, not the size of your business.

We are proud to offer many products made in the USA. In fact, the majority of our products we sell are made in the USA. We do give preference to products made in the USA. Regardless of country of origin, the product must meet our quality standards.

If you feel you have a product for us, please contact us.